The Raymond Scott Electronium concept reimagined for the Nord G2 Synthesizer

The Original Physical electronium built for motown

Our reimagined virtual version of the Raymond Scott Electronium® is a patch for the Nord G2 synthesizer. It was created by Jack Hertz, longtime G2 user and enthusiast, as a means to analyze, study, and learn from a modern model of the legendary Electronium. With no one living who truly understands the instrument and very little documentation available, the goal of this project is to reverse engineer the vast array of Electronium functions by modeling and testing the concepts presented by the original hardware interface itself. The G2ronium patch as created specifically for the Nord Modular G2 synthesizer, presents an internal model of the Electronium in modular format to show the many core functions and relationships between musical lines are created, played and mixed together within the system. This allows us to see and hear what the Electronium may have been capable of and even collaborate with this virtual version ourselves, to, in Raymond Scott’s words, have a machine that “simultaneously composes and performs music.”

Below you will find a screen shot of the Nord G2 Electronium patch.

This patch is meant to serve several functions. First, it is a basic working model of the
Electronium’s many internal components exposed to show some of what is behind the
interface. Additionally, it presents a model of how early analog and digital technology
concepts may have been integrated to make music using only electronics. Finally, for
those familiar with electronic music composition, it provides a working model of a system
like the Electronium they can study, play, and even compose with the “Man Machine”
approach. If you don’t have an actual Nord G2 you an still use the program with the Nord Modular G2 Demo v.140 available for Windows PC’s and Mac, though the Mac version is not compatible with OS X Lion (10.7) or later as PowerPC/Rosetta-emulation is no longer supported by Apple. The downloadable PDF guide that comes with the software gives more detail on each module and how to use the software.

What Our Users are Saying

Leslie R.

This is GREAT! You’ve done such a fantastic …I got lost playing with the 8 variations last night and thoroughly enjoyed myself.”

Greg W.

“It works great for me. The documentation is very clearI love the patch.”

Don P.

“Fantastic work – I love it. Works like a charm.
I got instant lovely retro space ambience great for games.”

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